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What is The Milky Way?

The Milky Way is an enterprise map. A map showing what you do in which order, what applications you use while doing this, what information needs to be communicated between different parts of the enterprise as well as how you interact with your customers and partners. 

Our collaborative tool for the Milky Way = Miro

From the 20th of May, you will find a complete Milky Way board in Miro, describing the process of creating your own MW map, how to navigate your enterprise with the help of your map - and how to use your map to accelerate change. This board also includes a template, in which to create your Milky Way map together with colleagues, customers, and partners. 

Go to The Milky Way Miro board.

Want to know more about this board, please view the webinars we held on the 3rd of June: View Webinar in English or Swedish.

The Milky Way - Miro Board Template.


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