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The Milky Way Academy is a collaboration between IRM and Proaktivt. This site is the result of the work Cecilia and Thomas did while creating The Milky Way board in Miro. During this time, all sorts of ideas for articles, courses and webinars came up and how we really need a website and a community to help to spread the word about The Milky Way method. 
Please join our community for the latest info about The Milky Way. 

Cecilia Nordén

Cecilia Nordén is a senior consultant, enterprise navigator, EA and a Milky Way trainer at IRM in Stockholm, Sweden. 

She has an M.Sc. in engineering physics and has worked with business development and enterprise architecture since 1997. 
She has broad experience, ranging from leadership, strategy development, start-ups, enterprise architecture and IT development to economics and marketing. She has a sound overview of how the various parts of an enterprise collaborate and influence one another. Cecilia is passionate about making complex situations coherent, understandable and accessible.
She has collaborated in the development of The Milky Way since 2014, where she has applied the rigour of her training in physics, the ability to effortlessly navigate between galaxies and elementary particles.

Cecilia is the author of the book: The Milky Way – map navigate and accelerate change. 
Website: www.irm.se/en/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cecilianorden/

Thomas Larsson

Thomas Larsson is a senior consultant, enterprise navigator, and innovation coach at Proaktivt in Stockholm, Sweden.

As a product owner and project manager from startups to large enterprise organisations, he consistently found that the missing piece has been a shared map and a shared understanding of whats going on. Three years ago, Thomas started to use the Milky Way in all his ongoing assignments and found a shortcut to evaluate initiatives faster and more accurate.

A big part of everyday work is to sort, choose and prioritise ideas and directions and then create the change. 

A key thing for Thomas is to simplify things so that everyone can understand the context. 

Thomas is author of the book Lazy but effective - doing the right things, not things right.
Website: http://www.proaktivt.se
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/proaktivt


Some history

The Milky Way Method was invented in 2013 by Annika Klyver at IRM during her time as a consultant at TUI Nordic. Annika did a great pioneering work and spread her idea through courses and seminars. In 2014 Cecilia Nordén attended such a seminar and directly started using the method at the company she worked at. In 2016, Cecilia Nordén joined IRM and in 2018 her book The Milky Way – map, navigate and accelerate change was released in Swedish and English. In 2018, Thomas and Cecilia met, and the dialogue has been ongoing ever since. In 2019 Thomas started using The Milky Way method for his clients. The same year, Thomas and Cecilia did a lecture about innovation and The Milky Way. In 2020, during the corona virus pandemic, Thomas and Cecilia started designing a course on that topic, when a mutual friend, Alexander van Riesen called Cecilia and told her that he had been offered a chance to be one of the first to add a board to Miro, and wanted it to be The Milky Way. In 2018, Alexander had joined a course on The Milky Way and Design Sprint and had since then been an advocate of The Milky Way in his work. Thomas and Cecilia accepted the challenge and 2 weeks later, they handed in The Milky Way board together with Alexander.  

The Milky Way Academy