Master innovation and change process - problem, ideation, prioritization and Lean Startup


The Milky Way
- Accelerate innovation 

A structured way to do the right thing.

Accelerate innovation 

Change is the new normal. This course specializes in helping you set up a repetitive process for how to find real problems (for your customers and within your organisation) and from that ideate and start the change process. This gives you the tool to quickly be able to handle the process of change from strategy to implemented change. You will learn how to use The Milky Way map as your red thread to manage the process of dealing with change, over and over again. By using The Milky Way map, you can quickly assess the chance for a new idea by performing a "reality check" and find bottlenecks or other obstacles. Only then do you have a real chance to solve problems for your customers! 

This course is great for anyone who wants to know the benefits a Milky Way map can give in change initiatives but hasn't yet created your own Milky Way map. This course uses a fictive company's Milky Way map as a foundation.

In this course you will learn how to: 

  • find real problems and prioritize
  • ideate
  • use a Milky Way map for strategic work
  • view change over time - from idea to finding gaps, prioritize and create backlogs in the value flow (six-field time analysis)
  • see the effects of the suggested changes
  • prioritize
  • slice your change initiative in the value flow direction
  • test your ideas using the Lean Startup method
  • create change packages for IT projects.
  • create change packages in combination with IT changes (education, new rules etc)
  • implement the change
  • follow up and measure
Information about the course:
Type of course:          Remote online course
Duration:                    1 day
Language:                  English or Swedish
Price:                          9 900 SEK (exkl. VAT)

Course literature:        
The Milky Way – map, navigate and accelerate change (included in price).
Read the book The Milky Way - focus on part 4
Do the preparation tasks in Miro 
Available course dates:

Date:                       TBD (in English)
Date:                       TBD (in Swedish)

Your instructors

Cecilia Nordén

Senior Consultant and Enterprise Architect

Thomas Larsson

Senior consultant and innovation coach

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