Learn the basics

The Milky Way
- Mapmaker in Miro

Understand how your organisation works
Mapmaker in Miro

Create your first crude version of your own Milky Way map.

In this course you will learn:

  • To find the steps in your overall value flow
  • How to map business capabilities
  • How to add what application is used where in your enterprise
  • How to map information passed between different part of the organisation
  • How and where you interact with your customers and partners
Information about the course:
Type of course:          Remote online course
Duration:                    1 day
Language:                  English or Swedish
Price:                          8 900 SEK (exkl. VAT)

Course literature:        
The Milky Way – map, navigate and accelerate change (included in price).
Read the book The Milky Way - focus on part 2
Do the preparation tasks in Miro 
Available course dates:
Date: TBD 
(in English) - Please contact us.

Your instructors

Cecilia Nordén

Senior Consultant and Enterprise Architect

Thomas Larsson

Senior consultant and innovation coach

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