Master the Milky Way method


The Milky Way
- Master Course

Map, navigate and accelerate change

Master Course 


This course gives you a good overview of the three main parts in TMW Universe (map, navigate and accelerate change).

Map:  You will create your first version of your organisation's Milky Way map with capabilities, IT-systems and information, and connect these to your customer journey. 

Navigate: Learn to use your map as a foundation and create overlays. E.g value streams and project overviews.

Accelerate Change: Using overlays, we create analyses that show bottlenecks, unidentified problems and parts of the organisation that works well. 

The course is a mix of theory and a lot of hands-on practice.

Result: First map in a digitalised form in Miro, overlays, roadmaps and storyboards.

Information about the course:
Type of course:          Remote online course, or on-site 
Duration:                    3 days
Language:                  English or Swedish
Price:                          27 000 SEK (exkl. VAT)

Course literature:        
The Milky Way – map, navigate and accelerate change (included in price).
Read the book The Milky Way - parts 1, 2 and 3 for the first two days and part 4 and 5 for the third day.  
Do the preparation tasks in Miro 
Available course dates:

Date:                       TBD (in English) - if you are interested in the course in English, please contact us.
Date:                       23,24 March and 13 April (in Swedish), 08.30- 17.00 (in Swedish)


The Milky Way - Master course: Vintergatan, din verksamhetskarta 

Learn to map, navigate and accelerate change 

Your instructors

Cecilia Nordén

Senior Consultant and Enterprise Architect

Thomas Larsson

Senior consultant and innovation coach

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