Find your Pain-points


The Milky Way
- Navigator in Miro

Understand what problems our organisation has.

Navigator in Miro

Learn how to use your Milky Way map to create overlays and communicate these. We focus on heat maps and project analyses.

In this course you will learn how to: 

  • use your Milky Way map to conduct analyses
  • use the map to look at problem areas
  • use your map to view project portfolios
  • examen individual projects
  • set up road-maps
Information about the course:
Type of course:          Remote online course
Duration:                    1 day
Language:                  English or Swedish
Price:                          8 900 SEK (exkl. VAT)
You need to have your own Milky Way map in Miro to attend this course
Available course dates:

TBD. Contact us.

Your instructors

Cecilia Nordén

Senior Consultant and Enterprise Architect

Thomas Larsson

Senior consultant and innovation coach

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